Introducing Yuga Iyer

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Yuga Iyer moved to Austin TX, from Mumbai, India 14 years ago. She grew up in a family where food and entertaining were at the center of all festivities. After her move to the United States, she was able to stay connected to her roots through her cooking. Over the years, cooking has grown both as a passion and hobby.

Though born and raised in an Indian family, she admires and appreciates all cuisines and flavors. Watching Food Network and trying new recipes is her favorite pastime. Yuga's style of cooking is inspired by one of her favorite Indian chefs - Sanjeev Kapoor.

She continues to test her culinary expertise through friends and family. Both of her twins and husband inspire her each day to be a better cook. A perfectionist by nature, Yuga strives to achieve the best flavors in her food and aim to do better each day. site

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