Meet Our Chefs

Freda's Kitchen offers experienced, interactive personal chefs and home cooks who have a passion for world cuisine and want to share their cultures with you.  Our chefs host pop-up events around Austin and are available for your private event.

They will share recipes developed in home kitchens and restaurants around the world from Bombay to Tuscany.   You'll cook, you'll learn, you'll laugh, you'll EAT!

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Chef Pham

Executive Chef Uyen Pham - Asian Cuisines

Chef Pham holds a Master’s degree in education and taught at the collegiate level for nearly a decade before pursuing her culinary career. She graduated at the top of her class from the Culinary Institute of America. Chef Pham was born in Saigon and specializes in Asian and European cuisine and has worked in some of NYC’s finest restaurants for Danny Meyer, Alfred Portale, Anita Lo, and Andrew Carmellini. She taught at Whole Foods Culinary Center and Central Market Cooking School for 4 years, has done pop-up dinners for Dinner Lab and was a judge for the Food Network’s show All Star Academy. Since 2011, she has been a culinary instructor at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. She was most recently inducted into the Disciples of Escoffier and Les Dames d’Escoffier International.

Photo of Chef Berty

Berty Richter - Eastern Mediterranean Cuisines 

Born and raised in Israel to a Turkish mother in a heavily Turkish populated town, Berty was exposed to the rich cuisine of Turkey and the Levant (Syria, Lebanon, Israel), from a very young age. When Berty was ten years old, he was asked by his grandmother to help her make stuffed grape leaves for the weekly all-day dining celebrations his family would share with neighbors, friends, and random strangers.

30 years later, after cooking in Israel, Spain and 15 years in NY restaurants, he is still influenced by his grandmothers’ and mothers’ Turkish cooking. Even as his culinary skills and palate have evolved, he still always goes back to the childhood flavors of home, and those come out ever so gracefully.

Photo of Yuga Iyer

Yuga Iyer - Indian Cuisine  

Yuga Iyer moved to Austin TX, from Mumbai, India 14 years ago. She grew up in in a family where food and entertaining were at the center of all festivities. After her move to the US, she stayed connected to her roots through her cooking. Over the years, cooking has grown both as a passion and hobby. Yuga's style of cooking is inspired by one of her favorite Indian chefs - Sanjeev Kapoor.

Photo of Dean Chambers

Dean Chambers - Italian Cuisine

Dean is a native Austinite, but his love for Italian cuisine has deep family roots.  His Italian-born grandfather, Pasquale Pavone, prepared his "Sunday Gravy"  and taught Dean about the amazing meats and truffles that are native to Abruzzo.  Dean continued the family tradition by studying at the  prestigious Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners in Piedmont, Italy. Dean has worked in some of Austin's best kitchens, including Sienna.

Photo of Daniele

Daniele Panella - Italian Cuisine

Daniele has been cooking since he was a child, growing up in Florence, Italy.  From his first failed attempt to make tortellini at the tender age of 7, he followed in the footsteps of his father, who was the earliest and biggest influence in the kitchen. It was his passion in the kitchen that inspired Daniele to pursue and master many Italian classics. 

Daniele began his career nearly a decade ago, offering cooking classes, private dinners and catering for events in Florence, Italy. Daniele recently moved to Austin, to continue where he left off in Italy, aiming to share his passion for Italy, it's authentic Italian food and the truest Italian experience! Want to know more? Check out his website.

photo of chef JRodi

Jen D.Rodriguez (JRodi) - Southern Soul Food

A true Texan from Fort Worth, Texas, Chef JRodi’s earliest cooking began with mud cakes seasoned with wild onions in the backyard. Wanting to actually taste the food, she made her way into kitchen to stand beside her grandmother, whom she called muh-dear, to watched the reflection of the day’s meals being prepared on the stovetop. Taught early to snap peas, pick through pintos, cut up a chicken and remove the neck/gizzards from the holiday turkeys, Chef JRodi continued her learning from a long line of soulful cooks in her family, who taught her how burn in the kitchen by placing a foot or two in her dishes (figure of speech noting great cooking). Often preparing meals for family and friends, Chef JRodi was always counted on to bring the unique dish. In her first apartment, she gave many cooking shows to a group of masks on her walls. Today, Chef JRodi is the chef/owner of 3 small plates catering, a culinary voyage via your palate, one plate at a time |

Always entertaining. Always serving others.

Photo of Chef Pher

Fer Candil - Spanish Cuisine

Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, she also lived in Cadiz (South Spain), and in Santiago de Compostela (North Spain). Fer began learning to cook customary Spanish food at an early age from her mother. She continues to use the same recipes that her family has transmitted orally from mother to daughter for generations. These recipes are being transferred to the new generation, especially now that her son has joined the family business, Paellas, Tapas, and More.

photo of Mimi

Mimi Chaihuadjaroen - Thai Cuisine

A native of Chon Buri, Thailand, Mimi comes from a long line of cooking professionals in the restaurant industry. After immigrating to America in 2007, she began working at Titaya's Thai Cuisine. From her family, Mimi learned the secrets and ingredients which go into those classic Thai dishes. Like many local Austinites, Mimi also presents her passionate foodie side along with her years of experience at Titaya's.

Are you a dynamic, fun-loving chef or home cook who has a passion for world cuisine?  Come cook with us!