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I'm Michell Huber, creator of Freda's Kitchen.  Freda's Kitchen brings to life the old world tradition of cooking with friends and family. Freda was my "babcia", which means grandma in Polish.  My best childhood memories were spent in the kitchen with her making pierogi and krusczyki.

Chef Mario Batali said it best,"Recipes are very much a part of our cultural heritage, as significant, in my opinion, as photographs or letters (or emails, kids, or even Snapchats). They are true points in history around which we file the rest of our personal and collective memory," writes Batali in his introduction. "I can look at my grandma's hand-written biscotti recipe on a little 4-by-6 card and can very clearly hear her voice, smell her kitchen, taste her antipasto, and remember things a photograph in an album will not bring me to."

I work with local ethnic chefs and talented cooks who have similar stories even though they grew up in different countries around the world.  We have stories to share, and want to hear your stories, too.

Spend an evening with us, cooking, laughing, learning, and eating, just like family.

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Grandma Freda photo

Meet Freda!  This was taken on her wedding day in 1944.



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