About us


So, who's Freda?  She's that beloved person we have beautiful memories of. She patiently taught us how to crack an egg, laughed when we were covered in flour while making cookies, and created dishes that we can still taste and smell from our childhood.

She reminds us of that special connection that only comes when we cook together. Lasting memories are created; the smells, textures, and most importantly the conversations. Freda's Kitchen brings those experiences to life through hands-on cooking experiences for friends, family, or teammates. Our international chefs bring authentic flavors from their family recipes, bringing people together to create magic around the kitchen counter.

Chef Mario Batali said it best, "I can look at my grandma's hand-written biscotti recipe on a little 4-by-6 card and can very clearly hear her voice, smell her kitchen, taste her antipasto, and remember things a photograph in an album will not bring me to."

Spend some time with us, cooking, laughing, learning, and eating, just like family.

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