Remembering Something True

"One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the years is that personal growth doesn’t have to be about learning something new.  It can simply be remembering something true."  – Jon Vroman, Front Row Factor

For me, food is my Swiss Army knife.  I can leverage it to build connections, create, explore and my favorite function – continually learn.  I love knowing that I will never master the subject.  I love knowing that just when I think I’ve seen it all, industry and growers come up with new products.  I sit at my dining room table in the morning while the run is rising, hot cup of coffee in hand, and re-read the cookbooks on my bakers rack.  New recipes and techniques are quickly obsoleting my treasured culinary library.  Reading recipes is such a pleasure for me that I sometimes pick the longest checkout line at the grocery store just to flip through the food magazines without purchasing them. 

But there comes a time as Jon Vroman mentioned in his book that our biggest growth comes from remembering something true.  I smiled when I read that line.  What’s my truth?  I love a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I think it was the first recipe I ever made as with many other Americans.  Concord Grape Jelly, JIP Peanut Butter, and Sunbeam White Bread.  In culinary school we had to give a presentation on a dish that resonates with us.  You guessed it.  I stood up in front of thirty thriving students and talked about PB&J.  After the presentation, I invited the class to come up and make their own version of the sandwich and it warmed my heart to see each student reliving the joy of this classic. 

As we move forward into this holiday season, what’s your culinary truth that needs to be remembered?  Give yourself permission to re-experience it.  May it bring you joy and happiness. 

With Gratitude,


P.S – “The Front Row Factor” by Jon Vroman can be found on Amazon.  Enjoy!

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