Introducing Corporate Team Building Iron Chef-Style Events!

When Chef Pham joined Freda's Kitchen, she brought with her a vast amount of experience not only in the kitchen, but in creating and running corporate team building events!   One of her specialties is Iron Chef-Style events.

Many of you have probably watched the famous television show or many of a variety of spin offs.  Chefs have a limited amount of time to create an amazing menu, then be judged by a panel to determine who wins.  Sounds pretty intimidating, doesn't it?

Not at Freda's Kitchen!  Chef Pham and her team of Escoffier students know not only how to make it challenging, but fun and educational, too!

We just did this type of an event for a corporate client, and they were blown away by how much fun it was!    Let me explain how it worked.

Chef Pham broke the the group up into two teams.  Each team had a culinary student as a coach.  Once the teams came up with their team names, we were off to the kitchen!

Iron Chef Intro


Chef Pham had an array of ingredients on the trays.  Each team had to make a meal out of various vegetables, couscous, halibut, and pork tenderloin.  We gave them a variety of herbs and spices to use as they wished.  Then, we unveiled a secret ingredient that had to be used in the meal -- okra!!


Each team had just 60 minutes to create a meal.   The game was on!

Teams scrambled to their stations and started strategizing.  Before long they had were busy at it, and the smells were incredible!  Coaches assisted by providing guidance and helping where needed. 

Iron Chef in progress

The 60 minutes flew by, but each team presented some gorgeous platters ready for Chef Pham's critical taste buds.  Everyone sat down to eat their dishes, and, quite honestly, I think they impressed themselves!

Chef then announced the winners over a dessert she had made as a special treat for the group.  Everyone had a fantastic time, and shared with me that they had completely forgotten about the stresses of work during that time.   They were focused on teamwork and the tasks at hand.

The client had such a great time, they are considering another!

Dinner at Iron Chef Style event

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