Extra Special I Do's

Marry Me
We recently had a client ask us to create a special evening for him and his girlfriend. He was going to pop the big question, and wanted us to help him do it with one of our legendary culinary experiences.  
What an honor!
We had the perfect venue and of course, the perfect chef, to create a magical evening of hands-on cooking before he asked her to marry him.  
I can't tell how excited I was to tell our team!  We assembled our wonderful venue partner, got the chef, and called the florist.  In all the hustle, we realized something...  We truly have the skills and partners to create something beyond incredible for out clients, and we really do get excited every time. 
Our client was beyond grateful because we took care of everything.  I hope you'll allow us the honor to create your extra special memory, because we really love doing it.  You can learn more here.

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