Chef Berty Richter brings a taste of the Mediterranean to Freda's Kitchen

Photo of Berty


Berty Richter recently moved to Austin, bringing with him deep roots in Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. His love for cooking started with his Turkish grandmother asking him to stuff grape leaves when he was ten years old in his homeland of Israel. From then on, he was a fixture in the kitchen, helping his mother and grandmother prepare small plates of food to share with family, friends, and the random stranger, who would enter their grandmother's home every week.

For Berty, food is a celebration, and creating his family recipes is a joy. Even though he has spent the last couple decades cooking in some of New York's esteemed restaurants and has expanded his repertoire, he still prefers the dishes he enjoyed as a child.

Chef Berty will be teaching the art of Mezze, which are small plates or tapas, found in Eastern Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Israel, Lebanon or Greece.  Check out his upcoming classes and sign up before they are sold out, and learn to make your own delightful dishes for friends and family.

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