Corporate Team Building Iron-Chef Style Competitions


Iron chef

Strengthen your work team by competing against each other in an exciting Iron Chef style competition!  You'll incorporate strategy, teamwork, problem solving, learning, and imagination while making some delicious food!

So how does it work?

  • We'll break you in to teams once you've settled in.
  • You'll be assigned a chef coach to give guidance.
  • Executive Chef will introduce the rules and three dishes you will need to complete.  There will be a mystery ingredient, too!
  • You'll have 60 minutes to create and plate; it gets pretty intense, and teams can get pretty competitive!
  • Everyone will present their dishes.  There may be some trash talk, but it's always in good fun!
  • While everyone is eating their creations, chef will taste the food, and we'll serve up some dessert.
  • We'll announce the winners!

You can bring prizes for the winning teams, or ask us to order some for you (if you give us at least a month to order).  We can also create custom aprons with your company logo. 

Each Iron Chef style competition offers:

  • Friendly competition and a chance for your teams to connect through food.
  • Three courses made by your teams, with dessert prepared by our chef.
  • Fully-customized menus, incorporating food restrictions.
  • A number for pizza delivery on standby; although, we've never had to call!  The food turns out pretty good, and you'll learn a few tricks in the process.

Events start at $1,600 for up to 10 people and $160 per additional person plus tax and gratuity.

We've been honored to create amazing experiences for these great companies, let us create one for you today!

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