Corporate Team Building Iron-Chef Style Competitions


Iron chef

Strengthen your work team by competing against each other in an exciting Iron Chef style competition!  You'll incorporate strategy, teamwork, problem solving, learning, and imagination while making some delicious food!

Our executive chef and her team of coaches will make sure everyone has a fun and safe cooking experience. It doesn't matter how skilled a cook the team is, we will customize everything to ensure everyone is comfortable.

We break groups into teams, and everyone gets a mystery basket of ingredients with directions on what they will make. Each team gets a chef coach to ensure safe food handling and overall safety, as well as be a resource on ways to make the team's dishes especially stand-out.  The teams get 60 minutes to create three dishes, ready for judging.  We judge on teamwork, communication, cleanliness, presentation, and taste.

You can bring prizes for the winning teams, or ask us to order some for you (if you give us at least a month to order).  We can also create custom aprons with your company logo.

Each event is unique to your company's team goals and budget.  We can create simple events in a home kitchen or use one of our partner kitchens in the Austin area. 

This event is perfect for groups of 10 - 18. 

Each Iron Chef style competition offers:

  • Friendly competition and a chance for your teams to make lasting memories.
  • Three courses made by your teams, with dessert prepared by our chef.
  • Fully-customized menus, incorporating food restrictions.

Events start at $1,500 for up to 10 people and $150 per additional person plus tax and gratuity.

Here's a winning endorsement from a local business that created an event:

"What an experience!  I participated in a team event with a large group where there was a mix of expertise in cooking.  We had the 'iron chef' style event and it was easily the best time I had at a team building exercise.  

We split up into four teams and every single dish came out great.  We had Chef Uyen and four assistants that coached us thru the entire exercise.  We had a spanish theme with paella being the main course.  We had premium fresh ingredients with full access to a commercial kitchen.  Everyone had a blast and the for those like me that have never seriously cooked a dish that required more than 1 ingredient came away armed with brand new skills along with a true appreciation of the teammates we get to work with.  

Thank you again Michell for making sure we had everything!!"

Want to learn more?  Send us a message, and we'll help you plan the perfect competition!