Corporate Team Building Culinary Events

Photo of corporate team building


Strengthen your work team by cooking together in one of our team building cooking classes.  Culinary team building events incorporate strategy, teamwork, problem solving, learning, and imagination.

Your group will be led by one of our talented home cooks or chefs in a cultural exchange, developing new business skills, while taking a deep dive into a different culture through food.  After the hands-on experience, everyone will dine together, sharing the satisfaction of creating a new cuisine and discovering secrets to an unexplored culture.

Want to really challenge your team?  Consider one of our Iron Chef style competitions where we give you the ingredients and coaches, and you create the entire meal in one hour.

Each event is unique to your company's team goals and budget.  We can create simple events in a home kitchen or use one of our partner kitchens in the Austin area. 

Each cooking experience offers:

  • Intimate small group classes and hands-on learning.
  • Authentic ethnic foods, taught by international chefs and home cooks who love to share their cuisines and stories. 
  • A communal dining experience with the chef; you'll cook as a group and eat what you make. 
  • Everyone takes home a recipe book so that you can recreate the magic at home!

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