Photo of Sushi Rolling

September 18 -- Roll your own Sushi and more

$ 74.99

Do you love Sushi? Have you always wished you could roll your own rolls and make your own miso soup? Meet Chef Uyen Pham, and learn how to make sushi in this hands-on, interactive Japanese cooking class in downtown Austin. You'll make:

  • Nigiri: tuna, shrimp
  • Sushi rolls inside-out, outside-in (spicy tuna and cucumber/avocado)
  • Miso soup

After cooking together, you will get to enjoy your delicious meal and take the recipes home to try on your own and impress your friends!

Location:  Lucky's Puccia -- 1611 W 5th St #175, Austin, TX 78703

Time:  5 - 7 PM

Minimum participants 8; maximum 15

This is a BYOB event.

Want to sign up for more than one class?  Make sure you use discount code CookMore10% to get 10% any off bookings over $100.  Offer valid until September 15, 2016.